How is my billing amount calculated?
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Your billing amount will be calculated based on the number of pay stubs you generate and add-ons opted. Your first pay stub is on us, which is inclusive of the add-ons you opt for.

After your first pay stub, you will be billed an amount and any add-ons you opt for will be additional.

Here's an example of how your billing amount will be calculated:

  1. For every stub you create, you'll be charged a certain amount. 
  2. If you've chosen the Additional Earnings and Deductions or deposit slip add-on, its fare will also be added with the total billing amount.

So, your billing amount will be inclusive of the number of pay stubs created and add-ons opted.

Please note that each add-on that we offer comes with a different price, the fare of which can be seen while creating pay stubs. 

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