How do I create pay stubs for contractors?
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By signing up with 123PayStubs, you can create pay stubs for contractors. You'll get all the add-ons for free on your first pay stub. For each additional pay stub that you create, you’ll be billed. Add-ons like recording any Add additional earnings & deductions or deductions and Deposit slip will be additional. 

Here's how to create a pay stub for your contractors:

  1. Sign in to 123PayStubs.
  2. Enter company info like business name, EIN, and company address. 
  3. Upload a company logo if you want to show it in your contractor’s pay stub. It should be of 200 x 200 pixels in png, gif, tiff, or jpeg formats.
  4. Choose a paystub template from the list. Opt for add-ons like Add additional earnings and deductions if you want to add additional earnings or make deductions from the contractor paycheck, or Deposit Slip if you want the contractor’s net pay to be attached with the paystub.
  5. Since you are generating pay stubs for contractors, select Contractor under Contractor Info, and enter their basic details like the last four digits of EIN/SSN, Name, and Home Address. 
  6. Under Earning Statement, choose the pay schedule, pay period, payday, and change the stub number if you want to. 
  7. Select the earning type, and enter the Rate and Hours the contractor has worked. 123PayStubs will automatically calculate the YTD numbers.
  8. To add any additional earnings or deductions for contractors, click the Add Additional Earnings and Add Deductions links. 123PayStubs will calculate your contractor’s last YTD values.
  9. Preview the stub and make corrections if required. You can make unlimited corrections at no additional cost. 
  10. Make payment and complete your order. If it’s your first paystub then it’s on us. 
  11. Once done, you will see options to download the paystub or email it to the contractor’s email address. 


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