What information is included on a pay stub?
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A pay stub is a proof of payment made to the employee, which itemizes the earnings and deductions for a particular pay period and the year-to-date total.

An employee pay stub will have basic information like the company name, employee details, social security number (SSN), and work location. In addition to these, here are a few fields that are mostly included on a pay stub:

  • Pay period and pay date
  • Pay rate and hours worked
  • Gross wages that include wages owed to the employees before deductions are taken out
  • Net pay that is the total amount employee receives after all kinds of deductions
  • Additional earnings like bonuses or overtime hours
  • Deductions can include Voluntary deductions like health insurance and retirement savings plan such as 401(k) & Taxes (federal withholdings, and state taxes where applicable)
  • Employer Contributions like FUTA, SUTA, Medicare
  • Direct deposit information

By reviewing the pay stubs, employees can learn that they are paid correctly and understand the different taxes and contributions. They can also use pay stubs to complete Form W-2 while doing taxes.

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