What is state W-4?
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A state W-4 Form is a tax document similar to the federal form, in which employers withhold a specific amount from the employee's paycheck towards state taxes. Like how employees complete Form W-4 to withholding federal taxes, they must complete a state withholding form as well. 

States either use their state W-4 form or the federal Form W-4. Unless the state where the employee works have no withholding requirement, they must complete the required state W-4 before starting their job. The state tax withholdings and form requirements vary based on each state.  

Even while completing state forms, employees can claim exemption from withholding if they do not have any state tax liability or if they meet the condition set forth by the Civil Servicemen Relief Act. 
Currently, we are supporting seven states in hand and will make sure to notify about any advancements in the future. 

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