What are all the add-ons available in 123PayStubs?
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A pay stub is an important document that helps manage income, track the taxes withheld, and can be shown as a proof of income.

So, 123PayStubs offers a certain list of add-ons to create a professional pay stub.

Here's a list of add-ons that you would find while creating pay stubs:

  • Advanced Fed & State W-4: Opting for this add-on will allow 123PayStubs to calculate your employees' federal and state withholdings based on their W-4 information.
  • Add Additional Earnings & Deductions: Opting this add-on will allow you to add additional earnings such as bonuses and overtime hours and any deductions. 
  • Deposit Slip: By opting this add-on, a deposit slip with the employee's/contractor's net pay will be attached to the pay stub. 

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