What are the filing requirements for California state?
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Employers in California are required to file Forms DE 9 and DE 9C each quarter.

  • Form DE 9 to reconcile the wages reported and the taxes paid for each quarter.
  • Form DE 9C reports each employee’s wages for the quarter.

Employers can file DE 9 and DE 9C electronically for quicker processing. In case of paper filing mail the forms to the following address:

State of California
Employment Development Department
PO Box 989071
West Sacramento, CA 95798-9071

Form DE 9 and DE 9C must be filed before

  • April 30 for Quarter 1
  • July 31 for Quarter 2
  • November 02 for Quarter 3
  • January 31 for Quarter 4

If the deadline falls on a weekend or any legal holiday, then the forms are due by the next business day.

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