How do I create multiple stubs for an employee?
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With 123PayStubs, it is even easier to create multiple pay stubs for an employee or a contractor. You can now create up to 20 pay stubs at a time (5 pay stubs in mobile app).

Here’s how to generate multiple pay stubs for an employee: 

  1. Sign in to your 123PayStubs account
  2. Enter basic information like company, employee, and pay schedule info for pay stub 1
  3. Select the number of pay stubs you want to create for the employee
  4. Review the auto-populated pay periods and paydays for the subsequent pay stubs and change the dates if you want to create pay stubs for a different period
  5. Enter the earning info for the subsequent pay stubs
  6. Calculate taxes and review the tax values of the pay stubs
  7. Preview the pay stubs and complete order
  8. Download the pay stubs created or email the same to the employee’s email address.

Company and employee information entered for the first paystub will be used for tax calculations of remaining pay stubs. 

Note: It’s highly recommended to create pay stubs for sequential pay periods as we calculate the YTD values for pay stubs based on the previous pay stub. If you skip a pay schedule in between, the YTD values may be inaccurate.

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