What is Address Book? How do I use it?
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We know how difficult it is to enter the company and employee information every time you create pay stubs. To save your valuable time, 123PayStubs offers Address Book, where you can save your company and employee information. This saved information can be pulled up whenever you create pay stubs.

Here's how to save the basic information in Address Book:

  1. Sign in to your 123PayStubs account and click on Address Book.
  2. Click Add Company and enter your company info such as Name, EIN, Address. You may also upload your company logo.
  3. Add your employee or contractor info including Name, Home Address, Wages, and W-4 info (only for employees)

You can add multiple companies and any number of employees and contractors under a company. You can create pay stubs for them right from the address book by clicking Create Pay Stub. 

Note: When you create a pay stub for an employee or a contractor by manually entering the data, the details will be automatically saved to your address book. The next time you create a paystub for the same employee or contractor, you can just select their name and their details will be auto-populated.

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