What information is required to file Form W-2?
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Form W-2 is filed by employers to report employee’s wages and taxes (federal income and FICA taxes) withheld in a year. Below are the details required to file Form W-2:
Employer Info: Name, EIN, Employer Type, and Address
Employee Info: Name, SSN, Address, and Contact Information
Federal Info: Federal wages and federal income tax withheld
FICA Info: Social security and Medicare taxes withheld
State Info: State wages and state income tax withheld
Local Tax Info: Local, city, or other income tax withheld
Make sure you have these details before you begin filing Form W-2. After obtaining this information, simply enter the information, review the form, and transmit the return directly to the SSA.

To learn the step-by-step instructions on filing Form W-2, click here.

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