How to e-file Form W-2 through 123PayStubs?
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123PayStubs lets you e-file Form W-2 for your employees. Here's how to file Form W-2: 

1. Sign in to 123PayStubs

2. Click tax filings and select Form W-2

3. Enter the form information such as employer details, employee details, federal details, and state filing details

4. Enter E-file information

  • Opt for the postal mailing option if you want the recipient copies to be sent to your employees

5. Preview the form and make changes, if necessary

5. Make payment and complete your order

  • If you haven’t opted for the postal mailing option, email the copies to recipients or download the copies and furnish the respective copies to the employees manually.

Your returns will be submitted to the SSA and once your returns have been processed, you’ll be notified by email. Meanwhile, you can also view the status of your returns from the Tax Filing Dashboard.

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