The IRS rejected my Form 941 due to a name control mismatch. What should I do?
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R0000-901-01: The name control (EIN and the name associated with it) does not match with the IRS records. To learn more about name control, click here.


  • First, make sure you have entered the correct business name and EIN (you may have made a simple typo).
  • If you believe you have entered the correct information, contact the IRS and confirm your business name and EIN against the IRS records. 

Note: If you have received your EIN recently, you may have to wait at least 10 business days for the EIN to be active.

Follow the steps below to retransmit your return:

  1. Sign in to your 123PayStubs account.
  2. Go to Dashboard >> 94x Forms tab. From the left menu under the E-filed tab, you'll see your return filed.
  3. Click View Errors against the rejected return.
  4. Review the errors and click the Fix Me button.
  5. Update the correct business name and EIN.
  6. Review your form once and transmit it to the IRS.

After you correct the error in your return and transmit it to the IRS, we’ll send an email to you on the status of your return.

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