Do I have to enter an employee’s info every time I generate a pay stub for them?
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No, you would not have to. We understand the difficulty and time it takes to enter the employee’s complete info every time you create a pay stub. 

So, it is only the first time that you would enter complete details for an employee. In case you are generating a pay stub for the same employee the next time, all the details will be auto-filled. You can also add details like your company, employee, or contractor info in your address book and pull up info whenever you create pay stubs for them.

Here's how you can save employee details in the Address Book:

  1. Sign in to your 123PayStubs account and click on Address Book.
  2. You'll see a '+' button that reads Add People, click on it.
  3. Add employment and withholding details of your employees/contractors. These details will be autofilled when you create pay stubs for them.

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