Can I use Form W-4 2019 for withholding calculations?
8.2k views | Last modified 6/3/2020 7:51:49 AM EST

123PayStubs lets you choose between Form W-4 2020 and 2019 for withholding calculations of the pay stubs. To calculate withholdings based on Form W-4, you must first opt for Advanced Fed & State W-4 add-on. Upon choosing, under the Federal W-4 section, you may enter your employee's W-4 info and check the Use 2019 or prior Form W-4 box. The withholding taxes will be calculated based on 2019 Form W-4.

In case, if you want to switch the withholding calculations based on 2020 Form W-4, just uncheck the box and calculate taxes again. Also, if you don't choose the add-on, withholding taxes will be calculated at the supplemental rate.

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