Why was I billed for my first pay stub when it’s free?
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When you sign up with 123PayStubs, your first pay stub is on us. That is, you can create your first pay stub for free.

In case you are an existing user, then for each additional pay stub you create, you will be billed a certain amount that is the lowest price in the industry. Please note that this amount is not inclusive of the add-ons that you opt for. Each add-on has a separate fare, which you can see while creating pay stubs.

For your reference, we provide add-ons to calculate your W-4 state and federal withholdings, add deposit slip, and record any additional earnings or deductions. Our integration with payroll software accurately calculates taxes and YTD values for the pay period and year-to-date.

Also, we offer a variety of professional templates from basic to advanced styles for creating pay stubs. Any pay stub templates that you choose are free, and there is no additional cost involved. You have an option to preview the templates before opting for one.

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