Can I create pay stubs for free?
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Yes, you can create your first pay stub for free! Along with this, you can also opt for any add-ons and pay stubs template for free on your first pay stub.

For each additional pay stub you create, you’ll be billed a certain amount. If you are choosing any add-ons like recording any additional earnings or deductions and calculating your federal and state W-4s, you'll be billed separately. The prices of which can be seen while creating pay stubs. 

In addition to these, we offer a list of professional pay stub templates to create stubs. You can preview and choose any template of your choice from our list for free.

123PayStubs also lets you generate pay stubs online for contractors.

Here's how to create pay stubs:

  1. Sign in to 123PayStubs.
  2. Enter basic information like company details, earnings, employee info, and tax info.
  3. Preview the pay stub and make payments.
  4. Download the stub created or email the same directly to the employee or contractor.

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