Do I have to provide a separate sick time off policy to my employees?
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A few states have mandated that employers should provide paid sick leave to employees. Each state has different requirements for paid sick leave policy. Click here to learn about time off policy requirements in detail. 

If your organization has a paid time off (PTO) policy for employees, it’s not required to set up a sick time off policy as the PTO policy itself offers leaves for sick, vacation, and personal days. As long as the state sick leave requirements are met, there’s no need to set up a separate sick time off policy. However, if there’s been no PTO policy set up, you may have to set up a sick time off policy.

Let the employee know the available time off balance in their pay stubs by generating pay stubs using 123PayStubs. To learn how to add time off policies to the employee pay stubs, click here.

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