What information is required to file Form 1099-MISC?
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Form 1099-MISC reports certain types of payments majorly miscellaneous income as payments to contractors for the services done. Below are the details required for filing Form 1099-MISC:

  • Payer Information: Name, EIN/SSN, and Address
  • Recipient Information: Name, EIN/SSN, and Address
  • Federal Information: Miscellaneous Incomes and Federal Tax Withheld
  • State Filing Information: State Income, Payer State Number, and State Tax Withheld

Make sure you have these details before you begin filing Form 1099-MISC. After obtaining this information, simply enter the information, review the form, and complete the filing. To learn the step-by-step instructions to e-file  Form 1099-MISC using 123PayStubs, click here.

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