How do I change the YTD amounts in pay stubs?
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While creating pay stubs, based on the payday and pay schedule, the YTD amounts will be auto-calculated. Please note that it's only based on the amount you entered, which may be inaccurate if you paid a different earning for one or more previous pay periods. 

Change YTD values while creating pay stubs:

To change the YTD values that are auto-calculated, simply enter the exact YTD amount that you want in the YTD field. 

Change YTD values after creating pay stubs:

Even if you have completed the order with incorrect YTD values, you may change it. Here's how to change the YTD values after completing the order:

  1. Sign in to your 123PayStubs account
  2. Navigate to Dashboard >> Recent Pay Stubs
  3. Click the three dots icon found next to the pay stub card that you want to correct and select make corrections
  4. Enter the exact YTD amount that you want in the YTD field
  5. Click the Apply Changes button. 

Note: If you have updated the YTD value in earnings, you may have to calculate the taxes once again.

Your pay stub will be updated in your account. You can then download or email the pay stub with accurate YTD values.

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